Family love

After a baby’s birth, the baby needs care, food, protection and motherly love. She doesn’t know who her family is. She doesn’t know the smell of her father. All she can recognize her mother by her smell of her body and warmth of her skin., who’s continuously protecting her from harm, gives her love and sweet kisses on the flabby cheeks.

The bonding with her mother keeps strengthen day by day. One day the baby (she) gets to know her father, her Family. She gradually become a young girl from her babyhood.

The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.- Charles Kuralt.

All she wants is love. Love from her family, support from them. There are plenty of members in her family. She got sister, brother, uncle and aunty, also her grandmother. But somewhere she felt incomplete, emptiness all around her. Why?

Because she always wanted nothing but love and care from her family. They never cared for her, never loved her actually. Meanwhile she found envies are enveloping around her.

From now she doesn’t feel what is affection, she doesn’t know what is family love, what is fondness of brother and sister. What is it really? How one can understand the feeling? Because, she is deprived from that, deprived from all chances.

Her parents loves her tremendously, they know how her family members treat her nevertheless, they are trying.

My question to all my friends here, do you think family love is important for a growing girl or a young girl? Is there any possibility of getting depression by this deprivation?

You’ll rise too


Lingo before Performane

This can be a very debatable or cooked up topic but I’m not going into the top deeply, rather I would like to offer my opinions about this. 

I must say, a country like India, knowing of “A certain” language is very momentous for each and everyone. Mostly the ridiculous thing is, a person who can speak very well in that language, they are considered as high category or high class people in the society!

What is this language I’m talking about? The answer is “ENGLISH” . Can you imagine?

I don’t really know what other countries does, but in India this happen! I’m also talking about achievement, so let’s go on this part with this example….

Hima Das (picSource: google)

Hima Das, An Indian sprinter the first Indian to win a Gold medal in a track event at the World Junior Athletics Championships in 2018! She lives in Assam (Assam is the North-east region in India). Hima is a village girl. Her father is a rice farmer, she has four siblings and she is the eldest one. Hima has been playing football since childhood. She wanted to pursue her career as a footballer. But we all know, the aftermath of  born in  a poverty-stricken family. So, She had to suppress dream as a footballer, but not from play. She switched her play from football to races. She started participate on Short and middle distant races. THAT WAS THE START OF HER JOURNEY!

She completed commonwealth games 2018 in the 400 meters relay. Hima became the first Indian track athlete to hold a global title on winning the Gold medal at the World U-20 Championships 2018 at Tampere, Finland, in Women’s 400m.

This is her biggest achievement, congratulations again Hima! I’m so proud of you! but after writing all this powerful sentences about her, what is the main problem? Why am I writing all this?

The biggest problem is She doesn’t know English! She doesn’t know how to speak in English properly! Well, why shouldn’t she be? she’s the world champion now, she’s staying abroad! That’s the difference..

She tweeted about not knowing English, she couldn’t properly. The esteemable, the honourable fellas of the society uploaded a video of that!

She becomes the most disgraceful woman for not knowing English.  Is not that enough for a woman, bring so much proud, joy to our country? There are 20% of people speaks English in the whole world. The top speaking languages are Chinese and Spanish. Will she/we feel ashamed of unable to speak the languages?

Can we not forget about what she know or what she doesn’t? This is her proud moment, this is our proud moment to celebrate her performance for what she did! what she did for our country! We must proud of her work, not what language she can speak. Do you agree on this?

I feel there are so many words left, I don’t want to go in deep. I’m proud of her, I feel proud of what she did for our country.

Is it her problem or our society? We need to change ourselves. We must see what is good about her and cheer her for tomorrow,not discourage her to do all things! Do you feel the same of what I wrote? let me know.. 🙂

I’m Proud to be an Indian!

Pic credit: Google and Hindustan Times

It’s all about ‘Women’

find the ‘YOU’ in yourself .

I’m a woman, and I’m addressing to all women through this article and I’m writing this article for those women who wants to lay bare themselves, who wants to establish themselves in the society. It’s just a motivational message from me for all women including me.

Find something for yourself! do something! all I can say. In a few years I’m also going to create something which I dream every night. I will do what I love . I think every women should. We all need to find out ourselves, and get off from the cycle and do it!

Sweep away the Dominance! 

This world is still overlordshiped by men, no matter how much they ‘think’ they ‘talk’ about ‘Women’ freedom. A woman should stand up for their own and do something to secure the future.

About security, this is very important. In our country like India, many woman think, ‘after marriage my  husband’s income is enough for me’. If he earns well then there will be no problem doing my own thing with his money. He’ll take me expensive restaurant, buy me expensive dresses,- then your’e doing the wrong thing. At least in my opinion, I shall never do that. A job, A settlement is very important for all women. With this you can get satisfaction, you can be independent on your own feet.

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Do not let anyone take your decision. Your choice will be yours, Decision will be yours. Have the power in yourself to make it right, make it successful. Even I do not need a man to take my decision for me.

Every woman wants a happy life after marriage. They need a liberal thinking family, who will always support her in every aspect. A family,  who should not try to keep press their opinion, their own thoughts, own thinking on her, what’s right for her or what’s not. A new family should support for what she’s doing, what she wants to do for everything.

Money is all you have got-

When it’s come to money, women need to financially independent in their lives. Because money is all you have got. After marriage many women unable to find their time, their happiness.  That’s the point! When she starts earning she can obviously find her own time, own happiness.

Women who have lost her husband or father, they are basically get lost thinking about ‘what do I do now?” ‘how I’m going to find money?!’. They just ended their life thinking, in these case a financial stability from the start can prevent you from this unwanted situation. So, follow your dreams!

At the end, when You will know that all this struggle, all this effort is your own you can sleep peacefully at night. Push yourself to do something and go through your dreams, your goals!.

Somehow I found it provocative. (PicSource: google images)

Delhi Holds Chinese Plans For Calcutta Buddhist Ceremony | LOOKEAST

SAMAYETA KANJILAL The winds of peace seems to be blowing after the Doklam stand–off and China seems to be using its Buddhist diplomacy to make a break. Probably for the first time the Chinese embassy in Kolkata has pitched for a two days conference on Chinese Buddhist travellers like Huen Tsan

Source: Delhi Holds Chinese Plans For Calcutta Buddhist Ceremony | LOOKEAST

Keep yourself away from seclusion

Imagine of a simple girl who is always surround by the people, people who are talking, laughing, enjoying  on their own. But the  girl is sitting alone  listening to them and smiling in her mind.

 She wants to join them desperately, she wants to talk with them, she wants to feel accepted. But somewhere she gets a mind barrier. all because of her shyness, a fear of  rejection.

Those  people think that she’s not our type, don’t need to talk with her, no need to give attention! . that’s why the girl doesn’t feel she fits in. In  her family she’s tend to live alone with herself. she feels shy to talk about any matter . And she became alone, lonely and it comes to depression!

Don’t let DEPRESSION to catch you!

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty” – Mother Teresa. 

“Feeling Lonely” is a common word for every people nowadays, all of  us experienced some kind of loneliness.

It is a complex mental and emotional phenomenon. this feeling can happen among a crowd of friends, in a love relationship. It can be pretty confusing and can put you off your game if you don’t know what’s going on.

I want to give some of my personal thought about ‘How to save yourself from seclusion?’

  1.  Why i am feeling this way? because nobody loves me? why i;m so unwanted? No pressure at all! Just take this feeling normally, like realise that your’e having this feeling and accept it without any fear.
  2.  You have to make a plan how to fight with this feeling. Like, when you’re feeling lonely or alone, just make some effort and try reach your best friend or any of your friends for a conversation. It’ll help!
  3.  Disallow negative self-talk. When you catch yourself thinking, “I’m so stupid,” or “I can’t believe I’m such a failure,” or “This goes the same way every time,” challenge those thoughts and have a positive comeback. Once you bring awareness to your negative talk, you may be surprised at how inaccurate or exaggerated your thoughts are.
  4.  Overcome Shyness–  Start slow. Determine to push your comfort zone little by little by trying a new social experience every month and building up the intensity with each new experience.
  5.  If you have pets, then talk with them, and go with them for a walk. It’ll help you  lot.
  6.  When you’re alone talk in front of a mirror, talk with yourself.
  7.  Build a friendship with books. It’s a best ever solution!
  8.  Go for a membership in any kind of  community.
  9.  In your spare time, try to involve yourself in any kind of activity, like try to write something, listen a rock song and dance with it.
  10.  You can join in any social activity.


I hope this will help you to fight with Loneliness.

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Samayeta Kanjilal

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